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Emissions Pay Up is a campaign against certain car manufacturers, such as the Volkswagen Group, Daimler Mercedes Benz and Vauxhall, holding them accountable for allegedly installing or manipulating emissions devices or software in Diesel vehicles.

Anyone who has ever purchased, financed, leased or owned an eligible car model may have the right to compensation if they join the Emissions Pay Up campaign.

To check your vehicle and receive a free legal assessment

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Vauxhall Emissions Claim

For customers who have purchased, financed, leased or owned a Diesel Vauxhall between 2015 and 2019

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Mercedes Emissions Claim

For customers who have purchased, financed, leased or owned a Diesel Mercedes between 2014 and 2018

VW Emissions Claim

For customers who have purchased, financed, leased or owned a Diesel VW, Audi, Skoda or SEAT between 2008 and 2015

We believe Dieselgate is an industry-wide scandal, a number of car manufacturers cheated the emissions tests and failed their customers. They knew what the emissions rules were, and they developed software to get around them. It is time to hold them to account.

It costs absolutely nothing to take part in the Emissions Pay Up campaign
If eligible, our law firm will take on your case and it will be managed by an exceptional team of top litigators in London
If successful, each driver could be owed thousands in compensation

This is how we do it

1. Check your car in a matter of moments

The first step is to complete our eligibility checker to see if your vehicle has been affected by the emissions scandal. This process has been designed in consultation with our law firm and enables our specialist lawyers to give you a preliminary analysis of your claim. This is entirely free of charge and carried out on a no obligation basis. Check my car.

2. Lawyer up

If you have an eligible claim, you can choose to be put in touch with our law firm. You will also be given the chance to provide us with more information and documents to help strengthen your case. If you choose to proceed, our law firm will provide you with their terms of business and formally on-board you as a client.

3. Running your case

Our law firm intends to bring your emissions claim with thousands of other motorists via a Group Litigation Order (or ‘GLO’). A GLO is a procedural mechanism that allows lots of claims with “common or related issues” of fact and/or law to be managed together as one case. Unfortunately, it can take years to bring large scale group actions to conclusion in the UK, perhaps 3 to 5 years in total. Our law firm does believe we will get there in the end and be successful and they will work tirelessly behind the scenes to make that happen.

4. No win, no fee and minimal risk

Our law firm will prepare, argue, negotiate and conclude your case. They will do all of this on a no win, no fee basis. The lawyers only get paid if there is a win at the end of the case. If the claim is successful, the lawyers are paid from the compensation recovered from the car manufacturer. If the case is unsuccessful, you pay nothing. In our view, there is not much to lose by being involved.

Legal enquiries

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Media enquiries

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I got in touch with Milberg through a friend. They helped me with a delayed payment from an employer. They were very professional and kept me informed throughout the process. My experience with their service was excellent. I will contact them again if I require legal advice.


Good service and kept up to date

Paul Neil

Excellent in customer relations in assisting me to understand the method of claiming against being miss sold an imperfect product with emission standards not comparable to British values

Thomas Newell

Really efficient good communication. Always aware of what stage we are up to .
Helpful and friendly staff who actually answer the phone.

Mr & Mrs Lyons

Outstanding service

Wayne Barnett

So far this company's dealings with me have been entirely professional and honest. I understand these things take a long time and much information is needed, which I've provided as promptly as possible. No negative experience at all, don't understand where other negative reviews are coming from?

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